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Meet the Staff

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David Nassiff 

Lead Minister

Birthday: October 17


What is your favorite hymn? “Holy, Holy, Holy.”  These three words give such an appropriate praise to God.  Imagine Him sitting on His throne smiling as we lift up his name.  There are so many great hymns though.  I enjoy hearing congregations singing “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.”


What is your favorite song we sing at Church? “Living Hope.” I really like the 3rd stanza that pictures Jesus body beginning to breath in the tomb.  What a victory.  The song is also a good encouragement to the fact that this life is only temporary, and we have a living hope in Christ, because of His conquering of sin and death, defeating Satan.


What activity do you like to participate in?  I enjoy playing board games.  I actually have a collection.  I think the reason I enjoy playing board games has a lot to do with the fellowship aspect.  My favorite board games are usually strategy games.  Some of my favorite games are Acquire, Nippon, Conspiracy, Power Grid, Castles of Burgandy, Agricola, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket to Ride.


Where would you like to go on vacation?  I would enjoy a week in a tropical location; Hawaii, Cancun, or an Alaskan cruise.  Mostly I would just want to be on that vacation with my wife.  We were able to go to Hawaii not long ago, but I leave it on my list because we enjoyed it so much and would love to return.


What is your favorite snack?  I think my favorite snack would have to be really good theater popcorn.  Butter, salt, and nothing else.  I also enjoy sunflower seeds, and pistachios.


What is your favorite TV show?  There are a lot of shows I enjoy watching.  I guess the shows I record would be my favorite.  Forged and Fire, Shark Tank, Survivor and Iowa football, basketball, and wrestling.


Tell about your family pet? We don’t have a family pet.


If you could meet one person from the Old Testament, who would it be?  If I could meet someone from the Old Testament, I think I would most enjoy meeting Job.  I think it would be interesting to hear his perspective of what took place in the cosmic dealings of God and Satan.  It is also cool to think about the fact that Job actually had a conversation with God, and to meet a man described by God as blameless and upright.

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Dennis Dorsheimer

Minister to Seniors

Birthday:  January 18


What is your favorite hymn?  “The Church’s One Foundation” is one of my favorites because the focus is on Jesus as Head of the Church.  We need that reminder.


What is your favorite song we sing at Church?  “Come Thou Fount of  Every Blessing”  I like the Biblical basis and majesty of the hymn.


What activity do you like to participate in?  Eating out after services on Sunday is a good time to get to know people.  It is a good time for people to share what is happening in their lives.  I also like study groups where people interact with each other.


Where would you like to go on vacation?  I’d like to go back to Alaska or Germany.


What is your favorite snack?  Most anything chocolate.


What is your favorite TV show?  I watch too much “Fox News”.  I still like it although it can be disturbing.


Tell about your family pet?  Our dog had cancer and we had to put her to sleep.  She was a great companion and we still miss her.


If you could meet one person from the Old Testament, who would it be?  King David was a very interesting person.  I think he understood God’s grace better than any of the other prophets.  I’d like to know more about his relationship with God.


Joey Shivers

Minister of Worship Arts

Birthday:  September 20 


What is your favorite hymn?  "It Is Well” expresses so powerfully the truth that God is God and I am not. This reality has been a pivotal foundation to my faith. There will be days I will feel sorrow crashing like waves of the sea. There are days I will feel peace as gentle the sound of a river. ‘Whatever my lot’, God is in control. God is love. God is truth. God alone is God, and I place my hope and my trust in Him! 


What is your favorite song we sing at Church? “Lay Me Down” is a reminder to me as worship leader that what I am really inviting myself and everyone in our church community to do is to lay down our lives as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). Not just music, not just words, worship is daily offering our very life for God’s glory. 


What activity do you like to participate in? I love card games and board games, and the fellowship they facilitate. It’s hard to beat friends around a table having fun, sharing life, and diving into something together!  


Where would you like to go on vacation? Forests and State Parks! Our family loves the woods. Kara loves the colorful beauty of the changing leaves in fall. The kids all love being ‘adventurers’ and discovering new sights! Being in God's creation is one of the ways I best connect with my Creator. I love just being still... and knowing He is God.  


What is your favorite snack? Cheese and summer sausage on crackers. 


What is your favorite TV Show?  Agents of Shield or The Office.  


Tell about your family pet?  I tell a bedtime story every night about Tree Frog. He is, at this point, imaginary. But the kids often ask about getting a real one! 


If you could meet one person from the Old Testament, who would it be, and why? I would love to meet Nehemiah! He heard the need, was moved to pray, to act, and to give vision for the rebuilding of the entire wall of Jerusalem! I love his example of humility, initiative, and prayerful leadership.    


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Susan King

Staff Secretary

Birthday:  October 5th


What is your favorite hymn?  “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”-I love the music, and how it flows. There have been so many Hymns that I’ve sung that I don’t “get” because of the old style of language, but for some reason this one is easier for me to understand and even memorize for the most part.


What is your favorite song we sing at Church? “Because He Lives” by Matt Maher—The lyrics are a great reminder of what I believe and why we have the hope of what is to come. Plus, it’s one of those songs where I know the harmony parts.


What activity do you like to participate in? Cheering on my boys during their sporting events—they don’t leave me much time to do too much else!


Where would you like to go on vacation?  Anywhere Tropical—I’ve been to mountains, lakes, theme parks, and a few countries in Europe, but I’ve never been to anywhere tropical where I can just lay on a beach and relax.  But I wouldn’t turn down another trip to Europe either!


What is your favorite snack?  Salt & Black Pepper Pistachios—great for snacking on in the van as I drive around town, delivering flowers or my boys to where they need to go.


What is your favorite TV Show?  The Mandalorian—I’ve been a Star Wars fan forever so it was fun to watch a TV series about the other parts of the SW empire, plus The Child (Baby Yoda) is so cute.


Tell about your family pet?  No pets—I’d like a cat, but I am allergic to them. 


If you could meet one person from the Old Testament, who would it be, and why? I would like to meet Ruth.  I can relate to her because she is a follower & a loyal one at that. If you tell her what to do, she will do it.  I have those same qualities, plus I feel like a stranger in a strange land some days (being from Nebraska.)

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