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David Nassiff 

Lead Minister

Birthday: October 17


What is your favorite hymn? “Holy, Holy, Holy.”  These three words give such an appropriate praise to God.  Imagine Him sitting on His throne smiling as we lift up his name.  There are so many great hymns though.  I enjoy hearing congregations singing “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.”


What is your favorite song we sing at Church? “Living Hope.” I really like the 3rd stanza that pictures Jesus body beginning to breath in the tomb.  What a victory.  The song is also a good encouragement to the fact that this life is only temporary, and we have a living hope in Christ, because of His conquering of sin and death, defeating Satan.


What activity do you like to participate in?  I enjoy playing board games.  I actually have a collection.  I think the reason I enjoy playing board games has a lot to do with the fellowship aspect.  My favorite board games are usually strategy games.  Some of my favorite games are Acquire, Nippon, Conspiracy, Power Grid, Castles of Burgandy, Agricola, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket to Ride.


Where would you like to go on vacation?  I would enjoy a week in a tropical location; Hawaii, Cancun, or an Alaskan cruise.  Mostly I would just want to be on that vacation with my wife.  We were able to go to Hawaii not long ago, but I leave it on my list because we enjoyed it so much and would love to return.


What is your favorite snack?  I think my favorite snack would have to be really good theater popcorn.  Butter, salt, and nothing else.  I also enjoy sunflower seeds, and pistachios.


What is your favorite TV show?  There are a lot of shows I enjoy watching.  I guess the shows I record would be my favorite.  Forged and Fire, Shark Tank, Survivor and Iowa football, basketball, and wrestling.


Tell about your family pet? We don’t have a family pet.


If you could meet one person from the Old Testament, who would it be?  If I could meet someone from the Old Testament, I think I would most enjoy meeting Job.  I think it would be interesting to hear his perspective of what took place in the cosmic dealings of God and Satan.  It is also cool to think about the fact that Job actually had a conversation with God, and to meet a man described by God as blameless and upright.

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